New fencers are welcome at Sydney Uni Fencing Club.

Fencing, Europe’s original martial art, is an exciting, dynamic sport for men and women of all ages. It combines agility and athleticism, with technical skill and lightning-fast tactical decision-making – it is not for nothing that the sport is known as “physical chess”. Fencing is a workout for the mind, as well as for the body!

Fencing is suitable for all ages: children can use a shorter blade better suited to their small hands, and at the other end of the spectrum we are seeing an increase in veteran fencing. It is also suitable for all fitness levels and body types. Tactics and technique beat speed and strength almost every time.

In addition, it is a very safe sport: a study of injuries from the 2008 Olympics found that it was safer than badminton

Getting started

We have all the equipment you will need to get started – all you will need is a t-shirt, tracksuit pants and sports shoes.

A beginner course is a good way to get an introduction fencing. Alternatively, you may prefer to take private lessons from one of the club coaches.